Heartland Bighorn RV

Bighorn RVs – truly King of the Mountain! Heartland Bighorn RVs set new standards in luxury fifth wheel design, but in terms of their luxurious interior appointments as well as their outstanding design concepts. Like many recreational vehicles by Heartland, Bighorn RVs include innovative design hallmarks such as a patented 88-degree turning radius, unsurpassed (and unobstructed!) exterior storage compartments, Universal Docking Center, 2-inch thick sidewalls crafted from double welded, fully laminated aluminum, plus amazing cooling and heating systems tested to both zero and a hundred degrees. But Bighorn RVs take these amenities even further by adding all-new levels of luxurious and spacious residential design. Not only do Bighorn RVs come with a maximum amount of leg room, but they’re custom designed for superior comfort and quality. And as the leading Bighorn RV Dealership in North America, Lakeshore RV offers a complete selection of Heartland Bighorn RVs at prices no other dealer can beat. Call us at 855-700-1665 to see for yourself just how low our prices are.

Bighorn models available from our Michigan RV dealership include: 3010RE; 3160EL; 3570RS; 3875FB but more are arriving daily.

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